Swap night clubs for golf clubs this freshers

It could be your only chance of scoring

Treetop Adventure Golf opened in St Davids 2 over the summer and you don’t want to miss out.

With a well-stocked bar and a cocktail menu tasty enough to tempt you away from your regular Cathays shitholes, Treetop Adventure Golf offers a refreshingly different way for us to have fun in Cardiff.

Celebrations to be had

With two different mini-golf courses available comprising 18 holes each, the outing can last for hours. With Welsh deli food available from the on-site cafe, the activity can serve as a perfect day out with your new flatmates or it can be pre drinks before you stumble off to nearby clubs.

Banana liquor going down a treat

The course stays true to its rainforest theme, even the toilets are decorated.

You are provided with an immersive experience, worlds away from the bustling shopping centre downstairs.

Rainforest sound effects include monkey cries, singing frogs and trickling water falls – the occasional cries of a punter sinking an exceptional putt, some of the obstacles even interact with you.

This guy loved a chat

Recently, Treetop Adventure Golf opened its doors for the British Mini Golf Association’s Welsh Open.

Yes, people play mini golf professionally.

Prior to the inaugural Mini Golf Welsh Open event, they invited guests to come along and play alongside the professionals from Team GB, who were happy to teach us the tricks of the trade.

Food and drink was provided by local favourite Wahaca, dessert was by Cup & Cake and the night was filled with laughter as mildly inebriated golfers meandered their way around the course, scoring the occasional flukey hole-in-one.

Cup and Cake serving up the goods

If you’re looking for a spot to bond with flatmates, a place to bring a first date or just a bar to stop off on your freshers crawl through town, Treetop Adventure Golf is the spot this year.

Just don’t blame the alcohol for your bad golfing technique.

This is not how you golf