Glam is the new home of Smack

‘It’s going to go off’

Cardiff’s iconic Friday night is moving back to Glam – where the brand started.

Previous line-ups have included Clean Bandit, Basement Jaxx and Shift K3y.

Alex Chesterton-Matt, one of Smack’s managers, said: “It’s going to absolutely go off.”

In five years Smack has created a solid reputation for throwing unforgettable parties, taking Friday nights in Cardiffto a whole new level.

Priding itself for events like Shangri-La and classic rooftop parties, Glam’s reputation is pretty fab and, situated in the middle of Greyfriars, it finds itself at the heart of Cardiff’s nightlife.

See you on Greyfriars Rd

Most importantly, while the location has changed the drink deals have not.

Remember when they offered £1 Jagerbombs?

Unfortunately we don’t, but our friends do.

They were loyally holding back our hair as we chundered on the way home.

Seriously though, you can’t complain when a bottle of wine only costs £9.

Level one will continue to be dominated by R&B and hip-hop fans, while level two will be blaring house, electronic and dubstep.

Alex said: “Months and months of preparation have gone into our five year celebrations.

“It’s going to take Fridays to a whole new level, we cannot wait, it’s going to absolutely go off.”

With the cheapest drinks in the city and now an exciting new location, things are looking a little bit large.