Rock n’ roller academically published 23 times before the age of 20

He puts you all to shame

For most 19 year olds, taking a break from the internet to actually read an academic paper can seem like an achievement.

The thought of writing one and having it published? Completely incomprehensible.

Not for Aadarsh Mishra, who has recently won a place in the Indian Book of Records as the undergrad with the highest number of academic research papers to his name – having published an impressive 23.

The man, the myth, the maverick

Hailing from Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh, Mishra attended the Manipal Institute of Technology before arriving in Cardiff to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

He has also been awarded a research fellowship from Oxford, and is working on a project entitled ‘Thermoelectricity in Molecular Junctions’, which apparently involves analysis of temperature profile across the Graphene electrodes with a nanogap, mounted on silicon and silicon oxide substrates.

If successful, Aadarsh’s research will allow for “the conversion of useless heat in electronic devices to be turned into useful electricity.

“Imagine if the heat dissipated from your laptop could be utilised to charge the battery.”

Mishra’s scientific love affair began at the tender age of 17 while he was working on Condensed Matter Physics (never mind the driving theory tests we were working on), and has only been interested in research for the last two years.

This looks familiar

After achieving encouraging experimental results Mishra wrote his first paper, which he still regards as being his best, and presented it at an international conference held in Prune.

“I wanted to transform the world. To benefit everyday activities and convert pure science into technology which can benefit mankind.

“i just want to try and work hard for all my life.”

He later sent the paper to the National Metallurgical Laboratory, where it was accepted for publication in the Journal of Metallurgy and Material Sciences.

Mishra then spent the summer with as an intern at the Indian Institute of Science before transferring to Cardiff, demonstrating interrailing and festivals aren’t for everyone.

“Cardiff is the most amazing city I have ever seen with an excellent social life.

“It’s university is a Russell Group elite uni with world leading research.”

Whilst some of us might spend our time between classes napping and Sundays being hungover, Mishra admits to spending his two hour breaks between classes in research labs, and reserving Sundays for writing papers.

Since beginning his studies at Cardiff Mishra has written a book, ‘Introduction to Wear’, alongside his degree, and had yet another paper published.

Once he finishes his degree, he plans to open his own research centre.

“I would like people to remember me by saying, even when I’m not here in this world, ‘we knew that guy, and he really really tried hard.'”

Mishra has clearly already achieved more than the rest of us could ever hope to, so we might as well continue being mediocre without feeling too bad – he’s clever enough for all of us.