Cathays is a ghost town during summer

You can hear the seagulls for miles around

Cathays during term time is the bustling nucleus of Cardiff Uni living, but over the summer months it’s deader than a Monday night in Tiger.

No longer swarming with inebriated revellers, stumbling toward the next cut price watering hole in atrocious fancy dress, Cathays doesn’t even have a tumbleweed to call its own.

The only net gain during summer is sunshine

In your absence much changes within Cathays. The aisles of Tesco and Sainsbury’s resemble that of a post apocalyptic supermarket. Instead of reaching to the back of the empty shelves in hope of discovering a radioactive tin of beans, as you would in term time, the shop is fully stocked. You can take your pick of the reduced ready meals.

Best sight ever

If you’re planning a nostalgic summer night out, you’re going to be bitterly disappointed. Chicken Cottage is just one of a few of Cathays’ drunk food institutions which close up over summer. And if you can’t have a Family Fish bar at the end of it, what’s even the point in going out?

Worst sight ever

There are positives though. If you’re feeling particularly keen you can get a head start on next year’s reading list, there’s plenty of seating available.


And even better, you’ll be able to drift off to sleep to the sound of birdsong. The only noise of Cathays’ dusk, a seagull’s lullaby.

Unfortunately, that sweet cradle song comes at a price. Emptying your flatmate’s left over detritus into green bags as seemed a good idea at the time. They’re now strewn across the pavement, ravaged by the hyenas of the sky.

Classic Cathays

Aside from the occasional stray stag or hen do, the roads are desolate. Longing for our return.


The Woody is calling your name