Which tattoo would you prefer to have this summer?

You know who you are.

Tattoos. It seems everyone has them, they’re as common nowadays as Cardiff Met student in snapbacks. But behind every tattoo is a story. Generally one involving compulsive decisions, pressure from mates and a shit load of alcohol.

Travel wanker

The typical “I’ve been on a gap yah” tattoo that is probably something highly original like an elephant. Yes, you may have ridden an elephant once whilst on your travels in Thailand, but I once road a bike when I was five, doesn’t mean I want a mini bicycle inked on my skin forever.

I’m so original

Bums out

Why is it that boys find it utterly hilarious to get each others names tattooed on their bums? Do they not find it awkward explaining to a girl why they have the messy scrawl of their best mates signature on their arse? Bizarre. To top that, I know one guy who decided at the last-minute to get his girlfriends name alongside his mates. They’d been together about a month. Relationship goals.


The typical white girl tat

This includes anything involving feathers, birds, flowers, infinity symbols and dream catchers. These basic bitches generally find inspiration for their tattoos by searching #cutetattoos on Tumblr.

Eenie, meanie, minie, twat

Wannabee pop star

The “I am basically Rihanna” stars on the back of the neck may have seemed like a fab idea when Take a Bow was number one, but now makes putting hair up a tad embarrassing. You are not a star.

Smudged travel tattoos

Getting a tattoo abroad is generally never a good idea, and the idea of getting it done by a random guy in a dark room in China screams disaster waiting to happen. But actually the smudged ink looks pretty cool whilst adding to the novelty you can definitely guarantee no one else has it.

So maybe think carefully before you get that ‘sick’ design you stumbled across on Google images marked onto your skin for life. Bear in mind that the pain of being stuck with a shit tattoo probably outweighs the physical pain endured in the process of getting it done.

This is where I drop in the fact that I do actually have tattoos myself. And yes they do fall into some of these categories.

….no shame.