Health and safety nuts ban grads from throwing hats in the air

Taking the rad out of grad

Killjoys are stopping you from throwing your hat in the air at graduation.

The age old tradition for Cardiff finalists could be ruined because of health and safety.

While graduates can still enjoy a photo shoot next to City Hall and it’s glorious fountains, they are being actively discouraged from tossing their mortarboards in to the air.

A series of posters by robe rental company Ede & Ravenscroft  aimed at dissuading would be thrill seekers from committing the misdemeanour were put up around the ceremony.

The Tab revealed how Birmingham profs also stopped finalists from having fun.

No surrender

The age-old tradition is facing extinction at the hands of the robe renting busy bodies.

When previously contacted an Ede &Ravenscroft spokesperson said: “Over a number of years students have been injured by falling mortarboards.

“On a few occasions customers experienced minor injuries from falling mortarboard.

“We have therefore identified the throwing of hats as a risk to health and safety.

“As a responsible company we don’t want to condone any activity which could lead to someone being injured.”

The university confirmed there had been no official ban on the rules.

Still got his hat on

The safety warning has not only struck at the heart of Cardiff.

Birmingham University have outright banned hat throwing all together, and the reckless act of celebration has also been prohibited at Cambridge after a hat-related injury.

Zero fucks given

But uni bigwigs have failed to provide a concrete answer as to whether they have enacted a ban.

A Cardiff University spokesperson said: “Signs were displayed asking graduates not to throw their hats into the air, as this not only causes damage to the hats but can also cause injury.

“The signs were displayed by the company who provide the hats and gowns at graduation.

“There has been no formal change of rules and regulations.”

Ceri Jones, a Dentistry graduate, who was disappointed by the signs said: “It’s a tradition and everyone wants the pictures of the hat throw.

“There were signs throughout City Hall saying not to throw them, but I think everyone still did.”