The truth is, your parents don’t miss you any more

They’re probably having more fun than you

Those phone calls from mum and dad asking a ton of questions about your day are a distant memory. If you remember those too, you must have been in first year.

By the time you reach second year, they’ve already forgotten all about you and are busy planning their own holidays and parties, which you’re not invited to – gutted.

Let’s face it, although they may have cried on the day they dropped you off at university, they probably partied in the car on the way home, raving to the tune of George Michael’s “Freedom”.

Those days are gone

They invented drinking games.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. They probably realised what life was like before having kids. I’m guessing pretty awesome.

You can’t blame them. More money, time and food in the fridge. Plus less mess and noise to deal with.

After not living with your parents for a year, you probably still miss them, but the sorrow your parents once felt will soon turn into joy, so don’t be surprised when they stop answering your calls.

Stop convincing yourself that the spare time your parents now have will be filled with them looking at your baby photos whilst crying.

Second year Ben said: “My mum joked she was going to rent my room out.”

They are obviously too busy to answer.

But don’t worry guys, your parents probably don’t want to live like a student in a house full of strangers.

It’s more likely they’ll get a puppy. It’s way cuter and actually wants to spend time with them.

When term time has ended and you go back home, you may realise that there is no welcome home party. You don’t deserve it anyway. We all know your intentions are to raid the fridge and crawl under the duvet for weeks on end.

So lazy.

So next time you’re missing home, don’t even bother calling. You would probably just interrupt their social lives, which you wish you had.