I have sex in the library

‘It’s a bucket list sort of thing’

Those long revision sessions, tedious winter evenings and awful hungover essays – the library is hardly a place for fun.

In amongst your latest coursework all-nighter you may start to daydream, begin people-watching and possibly even fancy the person opposite.

Usually such infatuations stay pretty tame, but recently The Tab chatted to one final year who took things further.

They, along with a partner, had sex in Bute Library.

“I was upstairs in the library doing work and there was no one else up there,” George tells me, setting the scene, “it was kind of a bucket list idea.”

Fair enough, not quite the mile high club but sex in the library can at least command the authority of exclusivity.

“I bent her over the table and we had sex, but had to be super quiet in case someone came upstairs, if you pardon the pun.”

“If I’m honest the pressure got to me and I couldn’t finish the job.”

It’s hardly surprising – one would assume that Bute’s librarians would not be particularly impressed to see George’s sweat dripping onto the Norton Shakespeare Anthology, second edition: “Admittedly I was a bit scared. I don’t think the university staff take lad points into consideration in disciplinary proceedings.”

Perhaps it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be, was it something George and his partner in crime would encourage others to do?

“Yeah of course, as I said it’s a bucket list sort of thing and makes for a pretty good story.”

Indeed, this kind of act probably happens more than many, including the uni staff, like to think.

As a demographic, we are notoriously randy and it’s quite clear that here in Cardiff we can’t keep it all confined to The Lash or Abygales.

Consider the veritable bounty of out-of-sight, out-of-mind corners in our libraries, where all sorts of naughty things may be happening.

As our conversation drew to a close, the possibility of whether George would pork in the prose again casually came up.

He answered definitively.

“Hell yes.”