Cardiff’s clubbers of the week

There aren’t enough kebab shops on chippy alley to sate their collective appetite

Babes of the week


Beauty is pain

Drinking vodka lemon and lime is so hip

Your phone is nearly as big as your friend’s head

Tongues of the week

You taste great

Unhappiest clubber of the week

Well Dad was going to give his old jumper to a charity shop

Bromances of the week

So much more room for activities

You can call me nighthawk

Happiest clubbers of the week

Seriously stop tickling me

Loneliest clubbers of the week

He’s actually laughing at you

And… fist pump

Pose of the week

This is not a mirror image

Most loving clubbers of the week

Best friends forever

Drunk sex?

Third wheel of the week

“I wish he was putting his arm around me”

Couple of the week

Lipstick is meant to go ob your lips

Pout of the week

Pout game on fleek

Squad of the week

Gals night out

Lads of the week

Seb Bliss your friends are weird

Far left is ready to fight

Lurker of the week

That’s not a good way to make eye contact

Stunners of the week

Exceptional bone structure

Jazziest shirts of the week

Tailored drapes

Most blonde clubbers of the week

Legally Blonde 5

Moves of the week

Slut drop on 3

That’s not the hokey cokey

Mutant of the week

I just woke up like this

Pull of the week

Definitely going home together

Lairiest clubbers of the week


Photo credit to Sync Cardiff and Flux Cardiff.