The ASSL is the worst thing about Cardiff

Is there anything good about it?

The ASSL may just be the worst feature about Cardiff University. From the outside it might seem just like your typical 60s building of study mocking you for not being a better student as you walk over Cathays bridge to grab your third cheese twist of the day, but oh no, it’s so much worse than that.

It looks like an asylum

The librarians who “work” there are the loudest, sassiest people I think I’ve ever met. God forbid you forget your student card, laugh, or want to find a book… you will be scowled at and made to feel like you’re about five years old.

But seriously, how hard is it to put the books back on the shelves so people can actually finish their work?

What purpose do the bunch of red chairs in the foyer serve? No one sits on them, you can’t chat there without being told to hush and you look like a hunchback if you use the table to work.

Which smart Alec thought this would be a good addition to the library? Probably the same one who thought one single water fountain for the entire library was enough.


Desperate times

Anyone who has ever walked into ASSL around exam time will care to notice the complete lack of places to park one’s ass. Not helped by those who take leisurely lunches, mooch into town, get their nails done, go to the gym and take a two week holiday before strolling back to their seat in the library they have bagsy-ed with their jacket, laptop and books.


It is war on the plug front. You can count on one hand how many working plug sockets there are on the upper levels of ASSL and it is not OK. All hail the God who invented the extension lead, and the student who brought one in.

It’s almost as if people have forgotten that this is a library. The noise levels have become so unbearable that some have been known to text the noise complaint number to oust the weekly mothers meeting in the ASSL.

Yes there is a complaint number. Use it wisely.

All in all, I suppose it does its job. It holds books, provides endless people watching and gives you a place to write your diss.