Cardiff’s clubbers of the week

Sizzlin’ and fizzlin’

Best dressed clubbers


If anything you’re under dressed

Squad of the week

There seems to be a new hand gesture in its developmental stages here

Blondest of the week

Brunettes have more fun

Loneliest clubber of the week

Never let me go, Jack

Most co-ordinated outfits

On Saturdays we wear red

Tongues of the week

Two happy clubbers and one confused lizard

Weak hand gesture game

Princess of the week

She’s seventh in line to the Swedish throne

Photobomb of the week

He doesn’t even go here

Lads of the week

Keep it real sexy fellas

Creeper of the week

The only person who knows where the camera is the photobomber

Babes of the week

Just happy to be out of the house

Unquantifiable sass

They’ve got to be sisters, haven’t they?

Pouts of the week

Cheer up chuck

Duck drive engage

Moves of the week

The ‘Madonna-at-the-Brits’

The ‘Banoche’

Playboy of the week

I love bad bitches, that’s my fucking problem

Happiest clubbers of the week

There are four people in this picture

Unhappiest clubbers of the week

Just waiting for a mate

Sambucca has glued his mouth shut

Y Plas Scarface

Couple of the week

I don’t think they even know each other

Most hands-on clubber

You are paying for that snake to be dry cleaned

Bromances of the week

We co-ordinate our facial hair

Happy to be here

Third wheel of the week

I really, really, really, really, really, really like you