Shang vs Treatment: Which was better?

Majestic lasers and large party scenes


Live in Cardiff and you can’t not be aware of the two most popular house nights on the go.

They generally come once a month or term, and last week we were lucky enough to have them land just two days apart – a very rare and crazy occasion.

If you’re a fan of house music or MDMA you’ll appreciate just how great the headliners were. Shangri La hosted Skream and Catz ‘n’ Dogz and Treatment had Dusky and Waze and Odyssey, but which was better?

Both deep, both impressive.

Just. Wow.


Glam is one of Cardiff’s most popular clubbing destinations that turned into a dark, grimy and sweaty pit, packed with wired two steppers. Or is it like that all the time?

For this special occasion that marked Shang’s fifth year running, the music was played into the early morning, leading to nine hours of straight partying. It was the best Shang yet.

The music was continuously epic with incredible lasers and light work, no one wanted to leave the main room, but then again that was the only room.

There’s something special about being in a place filled with music lovers who can’t get enough.

Treatment is a much bigger venue with three rooms and a range of music to suit everyone or change up the beat.

Preditah, who played in the alternative side room had everyone hyped with his fast paced beat and grime remixes, whereas Waze and Odyssey played a more mainstream set.

Something that sets Treatment apart is the awesome ability to look down from the balcony over the herd of people loving life before you.

You can feel the emotion of the girls on shoulders, eyes closed, waving their arms in awe.

The down side – the smoking area was horrific, only able to move by squeezing past scary wide eyed revellers trying to scab a fag, just to bag five minutes of semi-fresh air.

An odd turn of events saw the bar staff refuse to provide lids for water bottles – much to the crowd’s dismay.

No chance of a groupie at dull and gloomy Shang


It’s difficult to compare two very successful events that were very much on par, as you might agree if you went to both.

People who preferred Shang said they liked the “darkness” and that you get more for your money, £10 a ticket compared to £20+ is hard to argue with.

Whereas others prefer the bigger venue and diversity of rooms at Treatment.

All hail the DJ

The result of the matter is that both nights were sick.

Shang won visually, majestically firing laser beams across the aether, whilst Treatment wowed with its variety of choice and all round larger party scene.

Everyone had a fabulous time and in all likelihood will go again regardless of the line up, after all, most of us go to get high.