Fussy uni bigwigs ban cheap booze in Varsity crackdown

Well that’s Varsity ruined


Party-pooping officials have banned Varsity revellers from bringing their own booze to tomorrow’s games.

Welsh Varsity officials announced that alcohol will not be allowed on buses or into any venues, although you can buy drinks on Sketty Lane and in the Liberty Stadium.

And angry students have accused organisers of greedily trying to squeeze extra cash out of supporters.

The decision was announced on Twitter less than 24 hours before the main day of sporting action, with no less than 12 events taking place in the Sketty Lane venues, including the football and ladies’ rugby.


Organisers say vendors will be selling booze at the events, but that will be small consolation to fans used to bringing their own cheap drink.

And no alcohol can be brought into the mens’ rugby match at the Liberty Stadium – although this is less surprising.

Sorry girls, we’ll need those smiles back please.

Furious Luke Bodycombe vented on Twitter, branding the move a “shameless ploy to squeeze every penny possible.”

The short-winded announcement raises more questions than answers, because exactly what will happen on the day is hard to tell.

Known unknowns: the questions we’re now asking 

1. Will every student be searched before boarding a bus and as they enter each particular venue?

2. How much will doing that cost?

3. Is this a fair way to treat and represent fun-loving students?

4. And, finally: how much will buying booze at Varsity cost?

And cynics may point to the ‘proud sponsors‘ section on the official Varsity website, which features two established alcoholic beverage providers.

Don’t be surprised to be faced with a choice of Grolsch or Doom Bar when buying in Swansea on Wednesday.