RIP The Vaults

Cellar Door, no more

One of Cardiff’s mightiest dance institutions has sadly announced it has pulled the plug.

The Vaults, after nearly three years, announced last week they won’t be continuing nights in their Bay venue.

One mourning second year said: “My first experience of the much loved Bute Street Vaults was as a baby faced fresher and it’s safe to say I’ve never experienced anywhere like it since.

“Where else can you enjoy a grotto of house and techno, dance until you’ve lost a stone in sweat and then perch on an old pew to enjoy an episode of Top Cat on a projector the size of a small house?”

The Vaults was, of course, an acquired taste.

However it’s pretty dingy looking location of Bute Street only added to the uniqueness of the place, and most of the time you were having too much fun to care about the sweat dripping off the walls and ceiling.

Event after event it always boasted a great atmosphere; everyone was there to have a good time and get loose to some outstanding music.

It was truly loved by many for its real sense of community, students and locals alike who share a love for a place where anything goes and a great sound system.

Cam, lights technician at the Vaults, told us why he enjoyed working there: “The Vaults was an amazing venue because of the blend of people. You’d have 40 year old ravers right alongside students! The atmosphere was always amazing. I can’t think of anywhere else like it in Cardiff.”

I also asked one of the Directors Jimp, who has a wealth of experience on the Cardiff clubbing scene, what made The Vaults so special. He said: “It’s definitely the passion of the whole place, from the best pool of local DJs across South Wales, the sound system and lights to the quirkiness of the building itself, the security team and the bar staff.”

“Not only that but of course, the people who just go bonkers.”

Perhaps the saddest thing is there won’t even be a final goodbye bash in Cardiff’s quirkiest venue.

Jimpy told us: “We have somewhere on the radar which is a similar size and, like the Vaults, is a bit different. We are hoping to do a one off party there and see if something more long term is feasible.”

The Vaults will be sorely missed by many – but cheers for the memories.