Student Lord hires out The Valleys house for lavish birthday bash

He splashed £6000 on the two day bender

Cardiff second year Lord Charlie Caine hired out The Valleys house for messy 20th birthday blowout that lasted two days. 

Lord Caine dropped £3000 for 48 hours of debauchery at 107 Bute, which included DJs, bouncers, piñatas filled with weed and plenty of nos – known as Caine’s Cream.

The business management student then forked out another £3k in fines for smashing a glass table, wrecking picture frames and smoking inside.

The Lord himself.

Cows, Chipmunk and a Chelsea fan.

Cheltenham College educated Charlie, who usually resides in Cathays, celebrated with 50 close friends.

The party’s theme was all things beginning with C. Costumes ranged from the likes of Cruella Deville to a Cow to “chavs”.

One lucky guest said: “Although the guest list was exclusive things did get kind of messy.”

“There were piñatas filled with weed and the Lord’s own personal brand of nos, Caine’s Cream.

“They were hard to source but the evidence was everywhere.”

“Everyone was smoking inside more – I think he might have had to pay a £1000 fine”

The Lord himself told The Tab: “Someone told me The Valleys had ended so I figured it would be empty and available to hire.”

A party goer said: “In the early stages he was hoping to have topless waitresses or midgets to throw but it was too hard to convince girls to get their boobs out and hiring people would be too expensive. I ran out of money.”

The plush pad sleeps 22 and is decked out with pool and foosball tables, decks, speakers, multiple TVs, a fully equipped kitchen and a number of first aid kits.

The house had an open air sun deck with a spectacular view of Costa del Cardiff. Unfortunately it was soaked by the rain.

A rare chameleon in its natural party habitat.

The people who usually hang out in The Valleys house get pissed, go to Glam and get sheep tattoed on their vaginas.

One reveller said: “The party was fun but the house sucked ass. Too many rooms on four floors made losing your friends a gruelling, drunken expedition for your tired and unstable legs.”

“I appreciated the prudent party planning but I doubt the medical kits included the antibiotics necessary to treat Chlamydia – which is the only real health risk posed to anyone who visits 107 Bute.”

“Instead of blowing a casual three grand on this house his money could’ve been better spent on shots in Shangri-La, chips in Family Fish Bar or another poison of choice.”

To try the Lord’s own personal cream see