Why we all wish we studied CPlan

Laugh at us all you want…but we’re off to Hong Kong

“Planning and Geography” is not the first course you would pick when thinking of a course filled with glamour, adventure, and all-round satisfaction. But at this time of the year, with dissertations completed for the January deadline and only a handful of students with an exam in June, the CPlan crew are ready to jet off to Hong Kong. Meanwhile, you’ll be sitting at home, “in the lab” or watching Jeremy Kyle.

Look at that happy bunch

The six-day trip will see students attend a variety of talks, but given the majority of time to roam the cityscape and sample the culture. In fact, some have managed to tag on a few days on the side, given the lecture-free reading week available to them beforehand. What’s more, the trip will cost a cheeky £365 (plus costs) – having initially planned to be free, scrimping university staff knocked up the price to £600, only for some nifty negotiating by senior students seeing the price fall back down to a more manageable sum.

CPlanners will keep a diary of their excursions, relating to their chosen topic on their “industrial transitions” module ahead of a 4000-word essay on their return to Wales. Add that on to a selection of chunky essays and ball-busting presentations that will make up the rest of the CPlan final-year arrangement, and it’s clear that if you want this lifestyle, you gotta put the hours in.

But, it will be worth it. Cardiff’s Planning course is the second highest in the UK for student satisfaction, and with construction and infrastructure getting better in the real world, job prospects are gathering a lot of momentum.

I think I’d get smarter simply be being in that building.

Nevertheless, with around eight contact hours a week to attend in one of the finest buildings Cardiff has to offer, these geographers know how to work hard, and play hard. A CPlan society social takes place every two to three weeks, and are always well attended.

Former society president, and third-year, Spencer says the best thing about the socials are: “how everyone knows each other, and we’re such a tight-knit group, especially in my final year.” I bet you wish you had that on your course.

Furthermore, with charity events every so often- as well as an end of year ball on the agenda, there is plenty to keep this lot happy.

So glamour. Want to be.

It seems that being a CPlan student has all the perks of university life they promised the rest of us when we were picking our course.