Kebab Wars part two: T & A Kebabs

This doner makes you holla


Whatever you do, don’t confuse with T&A stores across the street. T&A Kebabs is the place for Turkish cuisine – alongside the large array of pizzas, burgers, fried chicken and anything deemed acceptable to smother in garlic mayo.

Why have abs when you can have kebabs? Meet carb contestant #2

So what makes it a worthy contender to the famous Family Fish Bar? The size. T&A provides copious amounts of salad and enough meat to forge Lady Gaga a new wardrobe and it’s all thanks to their KINGSIZE kebab option. And it’s cheap as chipsThere’s no denying that Atif is a local legend but there’s a clear winner among the battle for the cheapest cheesy chips. The result: T&A (£2.50), FFB (£3.00).

A junk and disorderly student told The Tab “it’s not just a late night meal but there’s enough for breakfast too.”

When grilled outside one girl went as far as revealing: “I would even visit here sober!” which let’s face it, is an achievement in itself.

An impressed member of staff told us “No shift is ever the same, we’ve seen it all. 

“Yesterday one student ordered 65 chicken nuggets and ate them all in a single sitting.”

T&A has even made an appetising appearance in the most famous comedy to come out of Wales. So if it’s good enough for Gavlar and Smithy then it’s good enough for us.

For all these reasons we give T&A a tidy total of 8.5 out of 10.

After all, why settle for fishy fingers when you can have a late night skewer instead?

I love a late night skewer. Who’s with me?

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