‘They made me pay 98 quid for knocking the tag off a fire extinguisher’

Taly freshers lash out at ridiculous fines


Taly freshers have been left seething after being forced to cough up hundreds in fines.

Halls busy bodies have been charging up to £80 for leaving doors open, on top of the already extortinate £400 a month rent.

Regardless of the mouse infestations and lack of hot water in your flat throughout the year you will undoubtedly be laden with ridiculous charges for even more ridiculous things.

Freshers are also charged for late fines too.

Sometimes, being the hyped up drunkards we are, we make mistakes which lead to being hundreds of pounds out of pocket.

Luke, who currently lives in Taly South, said: “One night I came home after one too many beverages and decided me and the door were gonna have a few issues. As you can see I clearly won, my bank account on the other hand…”

They even have the audacity to charge £98 for the tags falling off a fire extinguisher.

“Refusing to clean the kitchen when there’s a few bowls in the sink is not doing the job you’re paid for and trying to charge us £30 for not taking out the half full bins is just unnecessary”, moaned another Taly resident.

One cleaner even threatened to confiscate the items in the hall way if they weren’t removed.

Not sure these class as full

 Being surprised with a crippling £50 fine for covering your fire detector isn’t what you want to wake up to on a Monday morning either.

So if you do fancy hitting 420 up in your room and being Wiz Khalifa for a bit just remember the alarms are heat detectors and NOT smoke detectors.

Thinking of all the pints he could have bought