Bachelor of the week: Tomos Yeeles

He’s edgier than a dodecahedron

bachelor of the week tomos yeeles

Bachelor of the week? Enter Tomos Yeeles, a third year Radiotherapy student who wants to radiate his love onto the lucky ladies of Cardiff.

This Camarthen cutie has dedicated his three years at university to help cure cancer, but part of the sacrifice of this unselfish deed means that his love life has suffered, and that’s where the belles of Butetown come in.

What a QT

A stone cold stunner, this Welsh beauty is looking to settle down somewhere in the Valleys with one of Cardiff’s ladies. Standing at around five foot eight and a half, Tomos has long been overlooked as a potential love-making partner, and this article is out to change that.

He really did…

To combat the weight, he’s a frequent visitor to the gym and loves to dabble in occasional yoga and kettle bells sessions, I’ve been told he only does this to check out the talent that the Heath gym has to offer.

He loves nothing more than to “fuck bitches and get money”, but the time comes in every man’s life where he needs a real woman to satisfy his needs, and that time is now.

An avid hipster, Tomos takes great pride in making himself look outlandish and ropey, which in hipster terms equates to stylish.

He loves a good bargain at vintage fairs and shops, and this means he has more shirts than there are days of the year.

Another feature making him more feminine than you is his extensive trainer collection, comprising of edgy-looking Nikes and a sprinkling of New Balance.

More edgy than a dodecahedron

To relax, the man himself likes to kick back and watch a few episode of Deal or No Deal while sipping on a glass of cheap wine.

He’s not really fussed if its red, white or rosé, as long as it gets him pissed.

Unfortunately, his music taste is questionable.

But if you can get over Taylor Swift and Michelle McManus (yes, the 2003 Pop Idol Winner) frequently blazing out of the kitchen, you can enjoy the the culinary delights your man is in the process of constructing.

Tomos loves nothing more than fine dining, and if you’re lucky you could have the honour of sharing a meal deal with the man himself.

Sleeping beauty

Could you see yourself ending up like the guy on the left of the above picture? Then get in touch with The Tab and let us hook you up!

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