Cardiff University is the best university in the whole damn world

Taly South for pres yeah?


Forget Manchester with their pretentious hipsters and overpriced bars.

And unless your name’s Tarquin-Wentworth Biggles and you have a handlebar moustache, Cambridge might not be your bag.

Cardiff is designed for the student. A breeding ground for drunken debauchery and a home of money saving mayhem – you can’t really go wrong down here in the ‘diff.


To those who don’t fancy being packed like a sardine on a sweaty tube or having to fight your way through the crowds of angry businessmen just to get to Primark for a pair of socks, Cardiff is the place for you.

Pretty sexy for a building.

The perks of living in a capital city still stand. All the big artists still want to play here, take X Fest for example. You’ve got enough shops to haemorrhage your student loan in and there’s a wide variety of weird and wonderful activities to get yourself stuck in to.

All of these perks without the city losing its intimate and friendly feel, I mean seeing people wandering around in their pyjamas is considered pretty acceptable round here.

Found ourselves a stray


It’s 10am on a Sunday morning and you’re craving a Maccies, KFC or a Cafe 37. The central nature of Cardiff means that everything you need is within walking distance.

No having to wait two hours for the Sunday bus to take you to Maccies and on return be eating soggy, cold chips.

You know it tastes better in bed

So forget the peasant wagons and let your feet take you wherever you need to go.

NB If your drunken legs are failing you after a night out ancient Welsh folk lore states that a taxi home will never amount to more than the change in your pocket. Mint.


Fancy whacking on a pair of stilettos and sipping cocktails? Or shoving your trainers on and getting a bit wavey? Cardiff accommodates for each and every messy member.

First year Rosie says: “Coming from a really small village I thought I’d feel intimidated by Cardiff and it’s nightlife but whether it’s house, drum and bass or a cheeky night at the Student Union, everyone just wants to have a good time.”

Halloween or a standard night in the diff?

You can spend your night vibing away to some delicious old school R&B at Buffalo whilst chugging down £1.50 shots.

Immerse yourself in a good old bit of house down at Ladybird on a Friday.

Work out a dance routine to S Club 7 and take it to the Retros D-floor.

Bass face and a half

And I hate to say it but you could even face Pryzm – if a watering hole for girls in microscopic dresses and desperate boys teamed with a shit load of EDM sounds like your thing.

“No don’t let me put you off, crack on – it’s just, you know, I don’t swing that way. Sorry.”


Oh Cathays. You may be a little grotty on the outside. You may even resemble the set of “Kidulthood” here and there, but deep down you know we love you.

Rows and rows of student housing means you’re constantly stumbling upon new friends, eating new foods at weird vegan cafes and all-in-all feeling safe enough to meander to the shops at 1am to sate those Monster Munch-ies.

With such a high density of students, we’ve proudly been named the noisiest neighbourhood in Cardiff.

Someone, somewhere is always having a house party in Cathays whatever the weather.

Usually they’re running their mouth off about a famous DJ and three floors of techy beats til sunrise…

… by famous DJ’s they mean their mate’s mate from home with a set of decks, a bag of unidentified white powder and an amp but we still like to tell everyone it was Secondcity B2B with Shadowchild.



You knew it was coming – rugby.

The Welsh are famous for rugby and after coming to Cardiff I can understand why. The Millennium Stadium can hold up to 72,000 enthusiasts and every year Southern Hemisphere teams tour Europe, playing Wales at this impressive venue.

Just don’t mention the English. Seriously.

Match days in the ‘diff are the epitome of crazy Welsh antics. A wonderful excuse to spend the whole weekend in the pub drowning yourself in a bathtub of pints.


All the partying aside, as a Uni we’re actually pretty intelligent when it comes down to it.

Storming the charts to reign in 5th best in the country for research means that we’ve got ourselves some serious boffins within our midst.

Students here in Cardiff seem to find the perfect balance between work and play. Resulting in an intelligent yet slightly mental bunch at the forefront of twenty-first century learning.

Yeah, we’re cutting edge.