Women’s Officer: The Sun should still be banned from campus

‘The Sun has not stopped being sexist’

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They could be ditching topless models from Page 3, but our Women’s Officer is urging the SU to keep The Sun ban in place.

Laura Carter has told The Tab: “I applaud the move taken but in no way I think the Sun has stopped being sexist.

“So no I don’t think it should be sold, but that’s a matter for the SU to decide.”

Women’s officer Laura Carter, fully clothed


Boobs aren’t news

Laura said: “The Union takes a very firm stance against the objectification and sexualisation of women in the media.

“Well in my opinion, page three hasn’t been totally dropped as from what I gather women are still being sexualised and objectified just in a slightly less explicit way.

“The Sun is not sold in the Union because of this.

“So if it is true that The Sun has stopped Page 3 we applaud this move and also the work of campaigns like No More Page 3.”

Cardiff student glamour model Jess Davies in her stars and stripes

Many have opposed the Page Three ban, such as Jess Davies, a third year Sociology student from the University of South Wales who is also a glamour model. 

But Britain’s most popular family newspaper has been criticised for portraying women as sexual objects instead of empowering them.