Kebab Wars: There’s no plaice like Family Fish Bar

We spoke to chippy legend Atif

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This place has been feeding the hungry (and really drunk) students of Cardiff for as long as time itself.

But what’s it like watching us chow down on cheesy chips day in day out? We spoke to Family Fish bar hero Atif.


“Cheesy chips and curry chips are the most popular things on our menu” Atif tells us, an employee of Family Fish Bar, “people go crazy for them after a night out”.

“A lot of the customers we get here are usually students, and mostly after they’ve had a bit to drink. But that doesn’t mean the quality of food is bad. If it was, would we get a queue that ends up outside on some nights?”

When pressed on how he would describe himself, Atif told the Tab he is a “what you see is what you get” kind of guy, similar to the food; no nonsense, just honest.

A rare lull in Family Fish Bar’s custom

All these words ring true, and Family Fish Bar is definitely one of the most popular post-night out joints and the students of Cathays can’t get enough.

“The staff are so friendly, especially Abdul. I think I love him” Louise told the Tab while she devoured her battered sausage.

“I love it” a drunken reveller told us “this beats Mama’s all day long”.

Family Fish Bar is definitely one of the more popular feeding spots in Cathays, and it’s easy to see why with its quick service, tasty chips and friendly staff. If you haven’t dined here yet, it’s definitely worth a visit to help soak up that last sambuca shot you didn’t need.

And that’s why we’re giving Family Fish Bar a solid 8 out of 10, and most certainly going to get more chips right now.

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