An ode to Cathays

It’s a loveable shithole

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There are many things Cardiff University will advertise about the Welsh capital to prospective students, TV shows, sporting occasions, and of course a sturdy bus service (really).

But, the reality is that -after the sanitation of a first year in Talybont- you will end up in Cathays.

Cathays. On a good day.

Let’s start with a positive – location. Cathays is near the bright lights of the city centre, conveniently so. Also, it is not Roath, which is a loveable shithole minus the lovable and triple the dog crap.

Cathays has also attracted a wealth of bars, cafes and takeaways. These include the popular (Cafe 37), trendy (Face 11), the visiting-rugby-boy Man Vs. Food challenge (Ramons) and the empty (that clothes shop that nobody goes in).

And this place. *Embarrassed face*.

And, yes, there are some drawbacks. In nice neighbourhoods, “bin day” is an evening when organised people put their bins out and they get collected the next morning.

In Cathays, bin day is not a concept because all the bins are literally scattered across the pavements, roads and doorsteps.

Be thankful smell-o-vision hasn’t been invented yet.

I mean, everywhere.

The ‘Cathays Community Fridge.’ Accessible and convenient for all.

It’s basically an assault course for drunk people – which is the majority of the population as it’s all students and they’re all drunk.

Even the name is problematic. You’ll bring friends from home here and have to put up with them pronouncing it “cathies” not the correct “ca-tase”.


But maybe that’s why we love it so much. Everyone is here. It’s a community that we all know is crap, but that sense of togetherness- and achievement- at such a fact brings us all a sense of happiness.

A typical Cathays garden.

In fact, this article is a lot like Cathays. It’s a bit shit, but you’ve enjoyed it because you can relate.

If you look close enough, you can even see the sick.