‘They stole 40p and a blanket’: Thieves target student cars in Cathays

They are cutting out car locks using scissors


Students in Cathays have been left traumatised after an alarming number of cars have been broken into. 

The last few weeks has seen a spate of car break ins in the area, and culprits have been using scissors to break the locks.

Several university students  were targeted last night – with the thieves making off with 40p and a blanket from one car and nothing from another.


“They didn’t steal anything but they’ve cost me a lot of money” said Hannah, a third year Microbiology student.

“My house keys were on the seat so they were clearly doing it for the fun of it rather than any financial gain.

“Maybe someone walked by and they stopped what they were doing. It doesn’t make much sense.”


The criminals are cutting out the locks of cars to get inside using scissors, which is costing victims up to £1000 to replace.

There have also been reports of several cars being broken into on Brydges Place a few weeks ago.

“I’m a bit worried about my car too” said Liam, a third year Radiotherapy student, “it just goes to show that even in a student area, there are some pretty stupid people around”.

Now, Police have started posting letters through houses in Cathays, warning people to take precautions and not have valuables on display in their cars.