Ever blazin’: 150 cannabis plants found after Cathays fire

Hotbox gone wrong?


Police stumbled upon 150 cannabis plants this weekend after a house in Cathays went up in flames. 

Stoners will be devastated to hear fire fighters discovered the weed farm on the corner of Fairoak Road and Crwys Road  – after they were called to fight the blaze.

Officers snatched the plants on Saturday, carrying them out in big brown bags.

Paramedics were at the scene of the fire –  but no one was thought to have been injured. The fire had been put out successfully by 2pm.

Inspector Andy Walbeoff said around 150 plants were found within the three story building.

The fire at the property left the windows of an upstairs flat blackened and the door to the flat looked to have been smashed through.

The incident caused chaos to the busy commuter roads that intersect at the junction.

Llinos, a third year who studies Genetics told The Tab what happened after the fire: “I only saw the aftermath, but the road was cordoned off with police and a fire engine outside, all the windows were open in this flat, it looked to be about two floors worth of plants.

“When you looked up into the flat you could see loads of plants from each window, and all the gear like the lights were stacked up against the window, which I guess the police did.”

“The florist was cordoned off as well so I’m not sure if it was something to do with them… It was quite a big house too, and with the windows open you could definitely tell it was a weed farm!”

Hannah, a third year Microbiology student told us: “This basically sums up Cathays.”

A community support officer stood guard outside the building, a flat and a garage, opposite Cathays library whilst police officers were seen removing evidence from the property.

Inspector Walbeoff told Wales Online that police were continuing to investigate the area but no arrests had been made yet.

He said: “We have located a small cannabis factor with approximately 150 plants.”

Labour councillor Chris Weaver said: “I’m glad no one was injured.

“It shows the dangers of these illegal factories and the police need to be vigilant about where they are.”

He also said that it isn’t the first time cannabis factories have been found in the area… No surprise there.