How cold are you?

Are you freezing your tits off yet?

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It’s the warmest 31st October on record. So in a final goodbye to an extra long heatwave we thought we’d ask a swarm of Cardiff students the simple question “How cold are you?”

It probably should’ve been a Q and A with answers like “I can’t feel my toes” or saying “you’re fucking cold this and that”, but instead, this is what happened.

This insecure student thinks I am asking a deep and meaningful question about their personality.

“I’m actually a warm hearted, caring person. My girlfriend and other girls have told me it’s a trait of mine.”

The classic: “I’m not cold.”

Feeling hot hot hot

Great, thanks for that.

 The overshare about the jacket (it’s 50% duck down, 50% feathers)

Harringtons for happy students

“I’m actually really warm. I’m wearing my best winter coat and it’s made of 50% duck down 50% feathers. If anything I’m too warm. In fact, I might take it off”

No one asked.

I finally did get an answer I was hoping for

“I’m a little bit nippy but not too cold…just nippy”

In this high concentration of super warm people, I’ll take nippy.

And just as I was thinking that everyone was a sweaty mess, someone finally replied with what I wanted

Layering up

“I’m freezing my fucking tits off and I want to go home”

All in all Cardiff, I’m glad you’re enjoying the weather and that you’re warm…or cold…I don’t know, but enjoy it while it lasts!