Heartless uni bosses install cage to warn off homeless

The ‘safety grilles’ are blocking the warm air vents outside the biomed building

Cold-blooded uni bosses have erected an anti-homeless cage outside the biomed building.

The homeless hotspot features a warm air vent which has now been blocked off using “safety grilles”.

Now, incensed students are lashing out against the anti-homeless caging, branding it “disgraceful.”

When asked to comment on the cage, the University said that these measures were taken “in the interests of health and safety”.

The university told The Tab: “As you’re aware this area has attracted persons who have located themselves on the vent thereby causing a risk to their own health and safety.

“This has generated complaints from University staff and members of the public.

“It is believed that long term persistent contact with the steam could be deemed as a health hazard which would leave the University in an invidious position.

“The area in which the guard has been placed is the property of Cardiff University.

“A guard has been placed at this location to discourage persons from using it for this purpose.”

The statement added: “The two vents in question are considered safe in normal use but there could potentially be an increased risk if people are sleeping right next to the grilles for very long periods.

“The safety grilles were not erected to deter homeless people.”

The uni have come under fire from outraged students.

Steffan, a Journalism third-year said: “It’s disgraceful. They weren’t harming anybody and were simply seeking a warm place to sleep.

“It’s as if they are not being acknowledged as human beings and reflects badly on the people who chose to build that cage.”

Steph, a third year Theologian said: “If this is what humanity has come to then I have no faith. They [homeless people] weren’t causing the University or people walking past any harm.”

Hannah and Meg, both of whom study in the BioMed building, agreed that the cage seemed highly unnecessary, and they had never been harassed by any homeless people who were sitting next to the air vent.

Some students were more sympathetic.

“The University are just trying to protect their property, students and staff” explained Chris, a fourth year medicine student, “if it was outside your home, wouldn’t you do the same?”

Earlier this year London council Southwark faced massive public backlash when they put up “anti-homeless spikes” outside one of their apartment blocks earlier this year.

So what do you think? Was the University right to put the cage up? Leave a comment letting us know your views.