Peeping Tom caught filming girls in library toilets

Mohammed Arshad was pretending to be a student in the female loos

A voyeur hid in the library toilets and filmed girls over the cubicle walls using his phone – by accident.

Mohammed Arshad was caught in the act after a second year student spotted his camera phone peering above her head.

Now the peeping Tom is said to be “deeply ashamed and embarrassed” – but has still managed to escape jail.

Mohammed Arshad, 20, claimed he had accidentally entered the ladies toilets in –  and filmed girls over the cubicle partition by mistake.

Cardiff magistrates heard a second year student entered the toilets and spotted Arshad’s camera phone attempting to film above her head.

Prosecutor Paul Hewitt told The Mirror: “The victim started banging on the door telling whoever was inside to come out but he refused to do so.”

The court heard the victim and her boyfriend waited for Arshad to leave the toilets before alerting security. He then handed over his mobile phone.

Police investigators found images taken from May of this year when he was on campus.

Arshad, who is said to live Cathays, claimed in court that he had “wandered” into the female loos unintentionally and was adjusting his clothing, when his hand holding his mobile phone went over the partition by accident. A likely story…

However in court he pleaded guilty to voyeurism by recording a person doing a private act for his own sexual fulfilment. He was sentenced to a 12 month community order and told to carry out 100 hours of unpaid work.

Josie, a third year student at Cardiff and uses the library regularly told The Tab: “As someone who uses the library toilets regularly it makes me feel sick that someone could have easily done this. I’m just glad the girl and her boyfriend were able to hand him over.”

This feeling was confirmed by Ada, an English Lit student: “I should feel safe. I go to the library and have enough stress as it is.”