Aliens target the Welsh: Ufologist warns that inter-dimensional aliens are abducting locals

According to a Ufologist, Aliens are targeting the Cardiff area as part of an eugenics programme…


Ufologist and abduction victim Hilary Porter claims that aliens are targeting the Celtic tribes as part of an eugenics programme, and the area between Cardiff and Swansea is their favourite hunting ground.

Oh and girls, that ‘special dream’ you had about Tom Cruise? It might have been more real than you think.

In September 1970 Hilary Porter was returning from a holiday in Ireland. Approaching the old Severn crossing, she and her now ex-husband suddenly awoke in a garage on the outskirts of Cardiff.

Speaking to Wales Online, Hilary described the experience as ‘damned frightening’. Upon returning home, she and her husband found mysterious triangular suction marks on their stomachs. With the kind of laconic stoicism the aliens must be so interested in, Hilary claims she thought: ‘Flipping hell, look at that’.

Not aliens, just the Dr Who film crew

The mystery unravelled seven years later, when Hilary had a dream of travelling in what appeared to be a hexagonal spaceship.

Hilary soon started suffering severe flashbacks to her first abduction, describing the aliens as 6ft tall and wearing green overalls and possessing devices which can trigger earthquakes.

She was so traumatised by the event that she didn’t return to Wales until 2009 to visit a friend in Llanelli when she was abducted again in her bed, waking up the next morning with an unexplained black eye. Hilary says she has lost count of all the times she has been abducted.

Too many smoke machines in Glam?

It’s worth noting that 2009 is also the year that the MOD closed its branch responsible for investigating UFO sightings.

‘They know what is going on but they are absolutely powerless to stop it’ said Hilary.

Celtic nations under threat from alien eugenic programme (unless you’re Manx or Galician, in which case you’re fine)

Hilary’s research has led her to believe that certain ‘tribes’ have a genetic make-up that is intriguing to the aliens. Hilary claims that the Cletic tribes from Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Cornwall and Brittany are highly coveted by the aliens. The people of the Isle of Man, and Galicia in northern Spain are apparently of no interest.

Wales ‘land of myth and legend’ according to The Valleys anyway

Aliens stumped by cameras

In a recent interview for the documentary Alienated, Hilary’s partner Ken was asked if he’s ever been abducted, and what measures they’ve put in place to protect themselves and prove they are sought after.

‘I can’t say I’ve actually been abducted myself, and I’m a person who wants proof. I’ve actually set up stealth cams in the bedroom to see if we can catch an abduction’, said Ken.

Despite having found nothing, and despite Hilary not having been abducted since the cameras were put in place, Hilary and Ken are still cautious: ‘They seem to know when the cameras are present. As soon as the cameras aren’t there, things happen’.

Sneaky rapist aliens use Tom Cruise to conceal their crimes

When asked about the different types of alien, Ken and Hilary were clear on the potential dangers: ‘There’s the bad guys… the rapes and that, they can actually get on a woman and literally rape a woman’.

Being inter-dimensional aliens they’re quite good at covering the tracks: ‘They [the victim] might think they’re dreaming of Tom Cruise or something, but in fact what it is is a reptilian’, says Ken.

Hilary is optimistic about the future for victims of alien abduction, claiming that more and more are coming forward with their stories, thanks to the work of such organisations as the British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society (BEAMS), and the Anomalous Mind Management, Abductee, Contactee, Helpline project (AMMACH).

Have you been abducted by aliens? Are you a member of one of the Celtic tribes being targeted? Are you a member of the Celtic tribes NOT being targeted? Comment below with your opinions, thoughts, or details of any recent dreams about intimate moments with celebrities you’ve had.