We’re riddled: Cardiff is the worst uni for dealing with STDs

Cardiff Uni comes last in national survey of university sexual health services


We may be sitting high in the ranks alongside the best selfie takers in the world, but when it comes to looking after the STD ridden student population, Cardiff Uni has fallen bellow par.

Words of wisdom.

Cardiff has been ranked in last place out of 50 universities on Superdrug’s ‘Sexual Health Report Card’, which serves to let students know about the quality of services made available to them if they are experiencing a bit of trouble downstairs.

The research covered nine different categories, including the availability of STD testing on campus and counselling services for those who have experienced sexual assault. The report states that there is  ‘significant room for improvement’ at Cardiff, as well as at the other universities sitting at the bottom of the list, including Reading and UEA.

Our onsite services just ‘aint good enough.

Clearly, our students are a frisky bunch and our party lifestyle creates the perfect atmosphere for these unwanted additions to our sex lives. Frequent party-pooper Chlamydia is at large among the under 25s: three quarters of new diagnoses are in those aged 16-24,  with 50% of men and 70% of women not showing any symptoms.

It may not look like much, but this bad-boy can make you infertile!

What are your experiences of sexual health services at Cardiff and what would you like to see improved? Comment below and let us know!