6 types of English student you’ll meet at uni

From the bookworm to the bluffer: which one are you?

The Bookworm

"Don't you just LOVE Shakespeare?"

“Don’t you just LOVE Dickens?”

As English students we all appreciate a good book (or at least we should!) However, we all know that one student who spends far too much time in the library. Or maybe we just don’t spend enough time there…

The Sleeper

Someone had a big night last night…

The one who rarely makes it out of bed for any of their six weekly contact hours, and when they do make the lecture they sleep through most of it anyway.

The Shakespearean

To be an actor or not to be…that is the question

The student who gives the collective members of Act One a run for their money. Some might describe them as over-dramatic, but they prefer ‘larger than life’, and they never fail to make life more interesting.

The Work Hard, Play Hard

Recommended reading? Nah mate, all about Sparknotes!

They know where all the best nights are, go to all of them, and still make every single lecture and seminar. When do they sleep?

The Late-Comer

Let’s hope there’s a spare seat at the back to slip into

No matter what time of day their lecture is, they will ALWAYS turn up at least ten minutes late. And no, sneaking in at the back doesn’t work – we can still see you.

The Bluffer

Last minute cramming should NOT be this effective

 The student who hasn’t even read the set texts, and still manages to get a first in the exam. A two hour exam on Chaucer having never even glimpsed at The Canterbury Tales? Easy.