Return of The Lash

The Lash is coming back…but not to where you might think

That’s right folks, your prayers have been answered. The Lash will be returning in September.

It seems like the student gods have shined down on Cathay’s and have allowed our beloved Lash to live on.

Our Wednesdays will indefinitely remain the night of loose morals and debauchery thanks to a cheeky little venue change.

Metros will now be home to The Lash starting from September. While some may feel this is a controversial choice, The Tab has a feeling that The Lash will fit right in at Metros.

With its reputation for being one of the less high end establishments in Cardiff, it means that we can all go that little bit harder and lose our dignities that little bit quicker.

The Lash’s new home

And with its convenient location near Chippy Lane, you will have a whole new load of kebab shop men to woo. Maybe we can find Charlie Sheen 2.0?

With cheaper drinks (£1.50 for doubles) and free toast (sometimes it even comes with jam), Metros is going to add a whole new dimension to your Wednesday night.

£1.50 doubles would make anyone this happy

Long live The Lash.

Check the date guys…