BNOC of the year: who do you know that deserves to win?

Nominate your friends for the most prestigious title going.

The Tab have decided to host their very first BNOC of the year competition – BNOC being “big name on campus” (but we really shouldn’t have to tell you that.) 

By now you’ve definitely gotten to know a huge variety of people, so can you think of someone on campus who everyone knows and loves?

What Makes a BNOC?

Whether they are known for their love of sport, partying, or just their amazing ability to pull, we want your nominations.

To help you out, the Tab team have decided on the following criteria that a BNOC must follow:

1. Popularity. The one that you and everybody else knows, regardless of whether you have spoken to them or not. You stalk them on Facebook or Instagram and then sit next to them in library and spend hours wondering where you recognise them from.

2. Connections. The one that you know because of the fact that they have the ability to organise various events within the university community. Again, you may have never spoken to them, but you know they have incredible house parties or can get pretty much anyone into MNB VIP.

3. Omnipresence. The one who is always involved and mentioned in conversation regularly for some reason or another. Everyone notices when this person isn’t around.

Does anybody come to mind? If so, tell us! All you have to do is send a short paragraph (three or four lines will do) nominating your BNOC of the year.

Nominate by emailing [email protected], comment below, or contact us on Facebook.