The Cardiff Student Phonetic Alphabet

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie…. Glam?

Who decided to put Hotel, Lima and Quebec into NATO’s phonetic alphabet? And who is Mike? This is the phonetic alphabet that will make sense to most of Cardiff’s student population.

A – Albany

More charity shops that you can count

B – Buffalo

Classy cocktails or sublime skanking?

C – Cathays

Student heart of the city

D – Daiquiris

Fajitas straight from Mexico

E – Exams


F – Flux

Formerly Comeplay

G – Glam

Had your photo taken with Jordan from the Valley’s yet?

H – Hangover

All too familiar

Too many beers leads to regrets and a hell of a hangover

I –Inebriated

Most days of the week

J – Jacks

Get your hair cut the Italian way

K – Kama Lounge

Chinese meal deals

L – Lash

Best night of the week

Cardiff’s only night where body paint is encouraged

M – Mamas

Compulsory stop on the way home after a night out

N – Nandos

The student’s chicken shop

O – Overdraft

You don’t have to pay this back, right?

P – Pontcanna

Spiritual home of sports

Q – Quids

At the Woody on a Monday or Gassy’s on a Thursday

R – Retros

Sweaty 90s beats


Sexual Health Awareness Group

T – Talybont

Fresher’s fortress

Who’s turn is it to take a fine for the team?

U – Undertone

Basement party

V – Varsity

You just have to experience it

You are advised to chant and make yourself heard

W – Walkabout

Aussie rules

X – Xtreme sports

Cardiff’s snowsports society is the biggest in the AU

Y – Yaya

Yaya Yaya Toure. Kolo, Kolo Kolo…

One half of the super group that is currently sweeping the nation

Z – Zwack

‘Excuse me, I ordered a Jaegerbomb…’