How to class up predrinks

Your night might end up messy but that doesn’t mean it can’t start classy.

cocktails invites night out party pre-drinks student

Pre-drinks are essential for any night out, saving money on expensive club drinks and avoiding the awkward sober dance at the start of the night. To set your pre-drinks party apart from the rest though, you need to add a touch of class. Here are 5 of the best ways to start your night classy (because let’s face it, it’s never going to end that way!)


Paper Invites:

Who needs Facebook invitations? They always end up with a whole load of pointless ‘maybe attendings’ anyway. Avoid the hassle and add a personal touch by making paper invitations.



No one likes to admit it, but everyone knows the best parties are themed. As a kid you always want a Barbie or Spongebob themed party (or was that just me?) but somewhere along the partying road we lose our way. Bring themed parties back and make them classy.

Thinking more 1920’s than Spongebob



Jagerbombs are fine for the club, but you’ll never see James Bond ordering one. To truly add some class you can mix up some cocktails. Plus cocktail glasses with tiny umbrellas are always a good call.

Got to love the tiny Umbrella, ella, ella…


Wine ice cubes:

With all the classiness going on things are going to get hot, but instead of normal ice you can bust out the wine ice cubes instead. They might be a little more expensive to make, but they taste better and get you drunk faster.

Fish shape: optional- but awesome!



Everyone loves a bit of cheesy music, and when you’re out you just know ‘S Club 7- Reach for the stars’ is going to get the dance floor heaving. A sober Macarena is a lot less fun though, so avoiding the cheesy tunes until everyone is at least tipsy is probably a good idea.

A sober Macarena is a crime against nature!