Cleavage Ahead: Raunchy Valleys sign distracts drivers

A provocative Valleys billboard welcoming visitors to Wales has been taken down as it was deemed too distracting to drivers.

MTV The Valleys tv

The sign pictures Valleys girls Lateesha, Jenna and Natalee (their spelling, not ours) in skimpy underwear with the slogan ‘Hello Boyos’.

Unwelcome Distraction?

Car safety charity ‘Brake’ got involved saying the sign was bound to turn the heads of bored lorry drivers heading into Cardiff – although I think the drivers themselves may describe it as a welcome distraction. MTV’s Jo Bacon said it was intended as a bit of fun and has been met, surprisingly, with disgruntlement. She said: “We wanted to extend a warm Welsh welcome to everyone entering the country and put an entertaining spin on the boring traditional signs that clog up our roads.”

Wonderbras all round. A great advert for the Welsh people…

Steamed-up Windows

The erection of the billboard – if you’ll pardon the pun – was criticised for being by a busy road with a long history of accidents. Maybe they were worried that the girls’ boobs and bums would cause more carnage on the roads than the VIP area of Glam on a standard Valleys night out.

Give way to rear – drivers really hit rock bottom after passing this one

The third (and hopefully final) series of The Valleys hits our screens on Tuesday nights and sees the lovely ladies and gentlemen of South Wales take their new club night ‘Valleywood Nights’ around the UK. Get set for more destruction and debauchery.