Sausage and booze delivery available in Cathays

Tired of traipsing to Lidl for your weekly booze run? Have an insatiable craving for meat but can’t face getting out of your onesie? Finally, a solution according to this Gumtree advert from the ‘Sausage Boyz’.

The ‘Sausage Boyz’ have filled a gaping hole in the market by offering a free, 24 hour delivery service to inhabitants of Cathays looking to purchase the classic combination of sausages and alcohol. According to their advert on Gumtree:

Curiosity taking hold, I decided to contact them to inquire about what they had to offer:

Thrilled by their promise to supply me with whatever I wished for, I made a request:

My response:


Devastatingly, they didn’t reply after that. Obviously THIS is what I had in mind:

Mmmmm sausage

Unfortunately the advert has since been removed. Gap in the market anyone?