Johnny Vegas twitter shames Cardiff bar

Comedian Johnny Vegas was left less than impressed on a recent trip to Cardiff.

After a busy day book signing at Waterstones, the TV star blessed the bustling Barocco bar with his (quite literally) almighty presence.

As you can imagine the bar, which is located just off St Mary Street, was overjoyed the Benidorm actor had chosen Barocco to have a few pints in and took to twitter to inform the world.

What they weren’t bargaining for was that Vegas was left rather disenchanted with the service he’d received, and let his 100,000 twitter followers know  just how unimpressed he was.

Maybe the barman just has a natural “indifferent” resting face or maybe his job just doesn’t pay enough for him to be able to crack a smile. Either way it probably wouldn’t hurt for Johnny Vegas to lighten up and have a nice cup of tea to calm his temper (PG Tips of course).