Lie-ins all round with more strikes tomorrow

The best ways to spend your strike day

Members of UCU will strike again tomorrow due to an ongoing dispute over pay. Since 2009, pay has been reduced by 13%. An offer for a 1% increase was made and rejected, causing strike action on the 31st of October. The lack of an improved offer means that another strike will be taking place tomorrow.

In your lecturers’ absence, you probably should  go to the library and get yo’ work on, or you could:

Have a 24 hour party

Start today, continue tomorrow!

Start today, continue tomorrow

Taunt your friends/flatmates who still have to go into uni



Give your own lectures

learning central

It’s like they never went away

Get drunk in bed

Combine a student's favourite place with a student's favourite activity!

Combine a student’s favourite place with a student’s favourite activity

Figure out how much each lecture costs by dividing your fees by your contact hours, then have a little cry

the debt, the debt!

the debt, the debt!