Cardiff Students Support No Shoes November

Feeling the cold? Cardiff students go without shoes for a month to raise money for charity

Winter is in full blast in Cardiff but this hasn’t stopped a group of crazy students taking their shoes off in a bid to raise money for Edith’s Home, a charity providing support for orphaned children in Uganda as well as Tearfund, Kenyan Orphan Project and Stand By Me.

The group have shunned their shoes for the month of November in the hope of raising as much money as possible for the charity. This has made daily student life a little bit more interesting for them as trips to the supermarket and walking to uni have become logistical challenges.

Barefoot bandit

Don’t step in any puddles…!

This tricky task has not been easy on the glass ridden pavements of Cathays but the group have managed to avoid major injury.


That’s not to say they haven’t raised a few eyebrows, with some of the group even being offered shoes and sleeping bags by members of the public.

Not homeless just charitable

At least in Cardiff you can still go out without shoes on and the group have not missed out on student life.

Two night clubs down and she still walked home, hero

All together they’ve raised a whopping £7802.24, but they’re aiming for much more.

They thank you in advance

So if you’ve enjoyed their story and want to learn more check out Sophie’sLucy’sSarah’sAlex’s and Andy’s donation pages. Or even if you just feel sorry for their poor feet you can donate by text by sending SHOE78+amount to 70070