Mirror Mirror On the Wall, Who’s the fairest of them all?

Apparently not Cardiff according to a survey which revealed the amount that students spend on cosmetics by university.

According to a survey Cardiff students spend a lot less than you’d think on cosmetics than students at other universities.

It found that Cardiff’s students spend a lowly £261.02 on cosmetics every year, which is a drastic difference to the top dogs at the University of Lancaster, who spent a whopping £1109.43.

Patriotic nails: Well worth the expense

Now, as a self-proclaimed cosmetic addict, my bank statement can quite clearly show that I spend way more than the average Cardiff University Student. But as personal experience has shown me I am not alone.  On any night out the majority of girls are often wearing more make-up than clothes, and I am constantly fighting my way to mirrors in club bathrooms. (First world problems right there).

Maybe they're naturally this colour after all?

Maybe they’re naturally this colour after all?

But judging by this lot at Lancaster, I feel like there is a good reason they need to spend so much. Maybe Cardiff students just possess more natural beauty?

These Welsh beauties need no cosmetic enhancements

These Welsh beauties need no cosmetic enhancements

Although saying that fake tan in home bargains is pretty cheap.