Let’s Get Rid Of Lectures

Nobody wants to give them and nobody wants to be in them

I went to a lecture today. As I went in, I took a big pamphlet of notes from the side and went to my usual spot at the back. How can he possibly teach us any more material than is in these notes? I thought, as I sat there, as my course mates showed their surprise that I was there.

Instead of lectures you could go daytime clubbing

Instead of lectures you could… go daytime clubbing (or leave yourself time to recover from the night before)

You know what? He couldn’t. The highly qualified, doctorate of Engineering stood there, reading out exactly what was on the notes. Word for word. Like for like.

The above anecdote may well be a familiar scene for many of you, for, having talked to people, many lectures appear to be the same. I for one just learn more easily and quickly if I just read through the notes in my own time.

For what is the point of the lecturer simply reading to you exactly what is on the page in front of you?

Instead of lectures you could... have a lie-in

Instead of lectures you could… work from home

This is university, not pre school. You may as well just read it yourself, more quickly and in the comfort of your own home, without the coughing, sneezing and germs that a standard 9 am has floating around it.

You know what else? It makes perfect sense that the lecturers just read off the notes.

The easy option. If they’d wanted to teach, they would have done a PGCE and become a teacher. Clearly, for them, they want to research; Which is only possible if they get funding from a university. Which the university will only give them if they agree to teach as well. Thus the lack of passion in lectures.

Instead of lectures you could... mix it up and have an alfresco lie-in

Instead of lectures you could… have an al fresco lie-in

So, as I sit here in the library, reading through the notes for the lecture instead of being there, I have a thought.

Stop lectures.

Give us the notes that the lectures continue to write anyway. We learn faster. They have more time to do their research, to write us the notes and wont get offended when half the group leave in the break.