Gay Hate Cleric Scheduled To Visit Cardiff Uni

An Islamic cleric who deems gay sex as bad as “rape” is set to visit Cardiff University later this month.

Mufti Ismail Menk currently lives in Zimbabwe; has studied in Saudi Arabia and has over 193,000 Twitter followers. He’s famous for religious talks, which are often up on Youtube.

However, beneath this ‘normal’ exterior beats the heart of a bigoted cleric. While many of his tweets highlight  how to lead a good family life and the importance of helping the poor, this video published on Youtube shows his dark side.

“How can you engage yourselves with the same sex? How can you engage in acts of immortality with the same sex? And how can you prefer them over females?”

Speaking of homosexuals he also says: “Engaging in such type of action, Allah says they become blind. Blind meaning they can’t see right from wrong. Nothing at all.” – mate, this is called love.

dodgy cleric tour

He has also unfairly compared homosexuals with “animals” and said they are worse than “dogs and pigs”.

The incessant fanatic has already inspired backlash which is only set to continue as his arrival approaches.

He is scheduled to speak at Cardiff University on Wednesday 13 November.


A spokeswoman for Cardiff University, told the Tab:

“No official invitation was extended by Cardiff University to cleric Mufti Ismail Menk to speak at its premises.

“He will not be speaking at the University.”

The Tayyibun Institute have not responded to a request for comment.