The Blackout Rock Cardiff Once Again

The Blackout tear up Solus with Framing Hanley

I have managed to see The Blackout twice…by accident

This was a result of them being a support act for the other bands I have seen. Just for a twist, I decided to go to see The Blackout, not for them, but to see their support Framing Hanley. Since having their first album in 2010 I had wanted to see them live, but my mum deprived me of that privilege because they were too far away. So, as you can imagine being able to see one of my favourite bands even just for a 30 minute set was going to be amazing. Yet, nothing could prepare me for what I saw when we were queuing… Hundreds of teenie bopper Emos and Goths were all lined up with their parents, waiting to see The Blackout. Some happened to be right behind us, talking so loudly that everyone could hear their conversation. Plus they brought stuffed animals with them…who the hell does that?!

Framing Hanley's Kenneth Nixon

Framing Hanley’s Kenneth Nixon

Once gaining access to Cardiff Student Union’s Solus, we claimed the first few rows. Although, this meant I would get to see Framing Hanley up close, it also meant enduring the unheard-of support acts. Rat attack, the first band made a gallant effort to get the crowd going, but sadly failed. Probably something to do with the glittery shirt and gold skinny jeans… A surprise second support act Reaper in Sicily from Aberystwyth managed to create a better atmosphere but the crowd were quite rigid despite attempts of getting us to dance, jump and mosh. It was not until Kenneth Nixon, Framing Hanley’s lead singer came on stage did the room get mental. Despite a few technical problems, the band managed to keep going and produce an awesome set that got the crowd well and truly going. After announcing they wanted to meet us all, all hopeful fans, me included all retreated to the Merchandise room.  For me, this was an opportunity I had been dying for, so leaving the barrier was not a huge deal.

The Blackout from a safe distance!

The Blackout from a safe distance!

After acquiring a t-shirt, I decided to watch the madness of The Blackout from a safe distance, but still within watching distance for when Framing Hanley appeared in the merch area. The Blackout pulled off an amazing performance in all their Welsh glory, by insulting haters and other members of the crowd, getting the crowd to sit on the floor, as well as sing back exercises. There are quite a few mixed opinions when it comes to The Blackout, but the best word to describe them would be fun. They kept a room of 500 people entertained throughout and invited everyone to their DJ set in Bogiez nightclub. Of course, during their performance I may have disappeared to meet Kenneth Nixon and get a cheeky photo but I saw most of the set! All in all, the Welsh rockers managed to create an amazing atmosphere especially considering Gavin, a member of The Blackout fell ill at a gig on a following date. Having cancelled the rest of their tour, we are all very lucky and I for one feel privileged to have experienced that night.