Sex on campus: best shag spots

The best, worst and craziest places to have sex in between lectures and after dark

The Library

Specifically the Chemistry stacks in main building. Guaranteed for an Atonement style thrill.

Cathays’ Mattresses

If you just can’t wait to make it home there’s always a variety of street furniture and mattresses available in Cathays for use. Beware you might catch more than STIs.

Lecturer’s Office

Not specifically with a lecturer but whatever floats your boat when they pop out to grab lunch.

The Taf Toilets

Not for the faint hearted and logistics aside, the general stickiness is enough friction to contend with.

Council Chamber Glamorgan Building

Perfect setting for a truely scenic shag. The room has also played host to shows such as Sherlock, Dr Who and Upstairs Downstairs for that extra xfactor.

Cathays Park Fountain

Well it’s there for a reason! A risky challenge and extra lad points all sound like great reasons for a late night splash.

Mama’s Toilet

If the dubious (delicious) post lash kebab wasn’t enough, Mama’s even has a customer’s toilet at the back, obviously in line with all hygiene and health and safety standards.

Solus’ Rugby Corner

Otherwise know as the area in front of the main bar. It’s normally so packed that no one can tell what you get up to against the wall, if it’s quiet settle for a few digits.

Union Smoking Area

Slip out for a quick smoke and get a whole lot more than you bargained for. Warning, avoid the splintery benches and puddles of piss.

Main Building Balcony

If you fancy your very own Romeo and Juliet moment this is the place, especially as you might have to climb to reach it!