Heads Up Cardiff Say Hey To St Jude

Met office warns of serious storm St Jude set to hit South Wales this evening

The worst storm in over 5 years is set to batter Wales and the South West this evening. The Met office has deemed the storm not one ‘you would see every year’ due to the powerful wind forces.

In true British style it has been named St Jude, as it is set to hit with vengeance on Monday which is the saint’s national day.

The trusty umbrella just doesn't seem to do the trick

The trusty umbrella just doesn’t seem to do the trick

With winds of over 80mph predicted, I can’t help but think my £1 umbrella from Poundland will not make the cut.

Along with the gales, 25mm of rain is expected to fall in just 6 hours. For many, this sounds pretty much like a standard Welsh day but the Met Office has issued an amber alert and warned people to ‘be prepared’.


What some may take from this it that you should not bother straightening your hair on Sunday and should probably invest in a pair of wellies/umbrella/rubber dingy to transport in.

Sufficient preparation

Sufficient preparation

Although in serious preparation, the Met Office has warned of fallen trees, debris and dangerous driving conditions.

Now where did I put my flippers and snorkel?