Fight Fresher’s Flab

The lazy way to steer clear of the fresher’s fifteen

Finally free from your parents’ watchful eyes, the temptation to let loose at uni is universal and compulsory. You can happily eat chips for breakfast and drink more than you can handle or afford. However what you can hide from your parents you can’t hide from your waistline. So here’s how to stave off the fresher’s fifteen without becoming a gym bunny.

Choose Talybont North

Talybont North

Aside from Tesco, everything is a painfully lengthy walk from Taly North. That extra half a mile every day will stack up over the year and surely justify a few Uni Kitchen stops on the way.

The post-night-out snack


Surely nobody can resist the delicious greasy smell of chip alley at 3am? But choose wisely and a midnight snack needn’t take its toll on the seams of your favourite skinnies. Calorie maths is boring and hard when you’re sober and downright unpleasant if you’re not. So skip the take away and stock your freezer with delicious carby treats like bagels and crumpets to munch when you get home to allay the late night cravings and ease the hangover. 

Carry your books


Lugging War and Peace sized volumes around campus all day might not feel great but the results will. Being uncharacteristically prepared for seminars can suddenly be a practical way to have the shoulders of a fitness addict without the hassle.



It doesn’t matter if it’s dark or light outside, sleeping will keep you in shape. So, embrace your lie-in or adopt the Spanish way and siesta till dinner because you’re not snacking if you’re snoozing. You’ll save money on espressos and feel great too.

Don’t stop dancing


Just keep moving on a night out, anything from a slightly irritating bob and sway at the bar to twerking so enthusiastically you clear the floor. Dance until the sun comes up, or at least until the startlingly bright fluorescent lights do.