Varsity Afterparty: Open The Great Hall

Unlike the last two years, Cardiff Student’s Union has decided not to open the Great Hall for Varsity Lash leaving thousands of students without tickets

The all building after party event last year

The Tab has learnt that the Students Union is officially not selling any more tickets for their sell out after party event nor opening the Great Hall to make it an all building event. Quoted from the Solus Nightclub facebook they have said:

“The Great Hall will not be opened. As forewarned this event has sold out and there will be no more tickets being sold from the Box Office. Keep an eye on this page and others like it as they are being used as forums by those buying and selling tickets already purchased from the box office.”

We at The Tab are not happy with this and want to hear what you lot have to say about it.

If you agree join our facebook campaign to release more varsity lash tickets and comment below!