Spider spam coming to a letterbox near you!

Spiders, scorpions and snakes illegally posted to South Wales in exotic animal shocker

Only last month The Tab Cardiff warned its readers of the newest resident to occupy the Roath/Cathays area- an asbestos contaminated tarantula. However, it seems that there are more exotic creepy crawlies inhabiting South Wales that could be arriving through a letterbox near you!

Poisonous spiders found in post

European wholesalers are managing to post illegal animals (scorpions, snakes, spiders….gross!) into the UK without being uncovered! Academic and TV presenter Rhys Jones claims that senders are posting the animals in packages without air holes, in order to avoid detection by the UK Border Forces, the Royal Mail and the Posties themselves.

Mr Jones blames “instant gratification” culture as well as the public’s blissful ignorance for the purchase of such creatures over the Internet. Jones warns of the serious and very real threat posed by owning poisonous scorpions, spiders and snakes.

Stand and deliver…a scary scorpion

Despite the obvious appeal of owning domesticated pets, it seems that many people are attracted to these deadly critters. Although The Tab would much rather cuddle a cute puppy than a deadly scorpion, clearly many people are of the opposite opinion. Mr Jones says that “These cases are more in the hundreds than the dozens and are happening all over the UK. It’s a big problem.”

Enveloped scorpion set on the loose

With cases like these on the rise, and with growing evidence that dangerous reptiles, spiders and scorpions are being sent through to South Wales, it is definitely worth taking extra care when opening your post…. Beware of the spider spam!!