It’s Glam for Gaz

Geordie Shore’s Gaz wows the ladies at Glam DJ set

What’s better than Jagerfest in Glam on a Monday night? Jagermeisters with Geordie Shore’s Gaz, and The Valleys’ Jordan Reed of course.

Er, opinions may vary.

Geordies very own parsnip accompanied Jordan Reed to Glam Nightclub on Monday night to wreak havoc, setting girls hearts, amongst other things, racing.

Gaz working the Glam crowd

“Fuck the Valleys,” said Gaz in a video posted on his Twitter, keeping the rivalry macho with his Welsh reality TV counterpart.

Gaz, the self-professed ladies’ man, lived up to his reputation as girls simultaneously declared their love. Keeping it classy, @Sianey39 wrote, “Cant believe @GazGShore just walked passed me. #jizz #glam.”

 His adoring fans didn’t stop there, males shamelessly professed their admiration for Gaz and his, exceptional pulling rates.

@DeelanKing wrote, “i had no interest in glam tonite because @GazGShore will pull all the fitties into his booth and everyone else will be left with the munters.”

Gaz put his ‘degree in pulling women’ to use, ‏@LucasBrev tweeted “@GazGShore necking two girls in glam ‘Cardiff’ wern’t you, few people got a video haha #lad.”

And the rest is, well, probably history.

The Cardiff faithful successfully ensured Gaz loved his Cardiff visit, he tweeted, “Cardiff was nuts,” and “Also massive thank you to everyone at Glam Cardiff last night what a fuckn night !!!”

Our pleasure.